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Personalised executive/celebrity courses.

If you are the sort of person that wants something exclusive and completely tailored to your needs, just like Whoopi Goldberg did with us,  then we have the ‘one to one’ programme.  Whatever you want your programme to contain, or even wherever you want it to run, we can do it.  The 1-1 courses have been extremely successful as we spend a lot of time understanding you and your fears before we take a penny from you.  This very popular programme, as you would expect, costs a lot more than our group courses but the feedback suggests it is worth every penny.    

Executive / Celebrity Bespoke
Sold out
Some of the elements that are offered in the 1-1 programme: Before your course, we like to interview you fully to make sure we understand your needs and then can tailor the programme to your requirements.  We send back an outline for you to agre...