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Children's Session

Children's Session

Children's Session

Main elements of the course
    • Held at the Virgin Atlantic training centre in Crawley, near Gatwick
    • Three hours+ course held in one of our ground aircraft mock ups*
    • Dedicated staff to look after you.  (Crew safety trainer and therapist)
    • Run in a small group (no more than 10 children)
    • Costs £375 -  for a child (6-12 years) and one fear free adult/parent/carer
    • There will be some light refreshments but please bring your own if you want to. Please let us know of any dietary requirements.

Then, you are welcome to leave or…

    • We can join the adult flying without fear course held at a local hotel. From here, we will make our way to our specially chartered jet aircraft (It will be either a Virgin aircraft or a partner airline we have chartered) for a short flight with full narration.  Please note that this part of the course is optional and no refunds will be given if you decide not to join the flight option.
    • We will stay in our own group as much as we can. It is only right to point out that you may see adults from the adult flying without fear course looking elated, laughing, tearful, quiet, noisy or worried as we make our way to the narrated flight. This is normal behaviour when people are facing their fears.  Please prepare your young person that this might happen and it is a normal part of beating a fear.  We all behave differently when facing our fears.

*The aircraft mock ups are used for crew training so are exactly the same as our fleet in terms of seat pitch etc. These mock ups do not move.

Please note.  The children’s course is great and has had some great reviews. However, if you as the parent, have a fear of flying, please get your own fear cured first as there is a danger you could undo the good work your child achieves.  Also, please involve your young person in the decision.   We know that this sound obvious and it is not meant to be patronising, but if your child says that they don’t want to do it… please don’t book the course.  When, and only when, they say they really want to get over it the fear and want to join our course…then we would love to see them.