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Children's Session

Many of us here are parents.  We thought how hard it would be for parents of children with a fear of flying to get proper help.  We wanted to do something proactive about it and started to accept accompanied young people onto our adult courses. However, we didn’t do this for long as we noticed how tiring it was for young people to be stuck with a roomful of adults all day!  So, we have put on something special just for children that is more affordable than two full places on our adult course….and shorter!

The course is aimed at 6 – 12 year old children.  Each child will need to be accompanied by one fear free adult for the entire session.  Part one The ‘experience day’ is a hands on session so that there is plenty to see and touch.  Such as safety equipment, emergency doors, slide rafts, galley areas and most of the other key parts of flying.  If your child is older than 12, you are still welcome to attend but it may be too ‘young’ for them?

14 – 16? Please contact us directly to discuss coming onto our regular adult course.  This will cost two full places on our premium course.  Over 16?  You are welcome to attend our adult course unaccompanied.

Children's Session
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