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Thoughts for July

Hello and welcome to this month's blog.

We have not run courses for a while and perhaps you are wondering what is going on?!  We are working behind the scenes and there will be new dates being offered soon.    If you would like us to add you to the waiting list to be contacted as soon as new course dates/locations are released, please click here.

Thank you by email.

To: virginflyingwithoutfear
Subject: It works

Hi All.  

Just a short note to anyone who is not sure what the course can do.  A couple of years ago I decided to take the plunge having had a fear of flying for about 60 years.  The course explained everything and by the time we boarded the plane I felt amazingly relaxed.  We had a flight around the Isle of Wight from Southampton and it was fantastic. 

I realised that I had been missing out for many years opting to go 
everywhere abroad by boat. Having flown to Spain and back which was a 
good two hour flight to practice all we had been taught we ventured to 
Australia to see family.  We went on a Virgin round the world ticket 
which actually costs less than you think. We included Singapore, New 
Zealand, The Cook Islands and the USA on the way there and back. I 
can't thank the course organisers enough. Without their help I would 
still be "grounded".  The course really works and I've never looked 
back. Thanks to all concerned. To anyone hesitating its money well 
spent so just do it.

Peter W

Thank you for writing in Peter.  Amazing after 60 years of having a fear of flying, it just goes to show it is never too late to tackle it!

Saw this in a twitter feed, looks great doesn't it?!  Here is the link.  In a nutshell, aircraft are getting safer, posher, plusher, safer again!

Revealed: how the amazing, luxurious interior of the world's longest aircraft will look

The Media - Shakira!

At the fear of flying course, we love the media. We have had so much fantastic publicity over the years, we are enormously grateful. However, the media for you plays a different role. There is always some story about aviation (or so it seems) going on - isn't there?!

Well, if you are a nervous flyer, you are wired to spot these stories whilst they sail by the rest of us...  Here is a typical example which does the trick...the trick of keeping the nervous nervous.  Shakira's flight emergency landing.

It seems like it was a decompression. The article does not say which type - there are different classifications.  Also, every commercial aviation business has a plan, a back up plan and another plan for this type of thing. Funnily enough, none of this is mentioned.  That is the only criticism of these sort of stories, we don't get all the details/facts so we are not able to rationalise it.  Don't you agree?

Anyway, we are still here. Feel free to use our message board for questions.  We also have various helpful clips on our YouTube channel 'Virginflyingwithoutfear'   Plus, of course, there is our book, 'Flying without fear 101 fear of flying questions answered.'   On Amazon.

Take care,

Virgin Flying Without Fear Team