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Flying Without Fear May Blog

Hello and welcome to the May 2019 flying without fear blog.

Fear can seem insurmountable at times. It can feel like it is almost impossible to beat it.  It can seem just so big, strong and fixed...It can feel hard to know where to start....  Can you relate to that?

Howard Cooper, one of the many amazing speakers that has worked on our fear of flying programme over the years, described it like a rope.  We always thought that this was a very descriptive and helpful way to describe how fear gets a hold.

A rope is strong.  If you try to break a rope, it is not that easy.  No-one is really that strong.

However, when you actually look at a rope, it is made up of lots of mini ropes.  If you were to take the mini ropes apart, thread by thread, you would eventually be able to break the rope.  

Fear is a bit like that.  It feels so strong, it is hard to know where to start.  The trick is to start.  Start by picking at the fear one strand at a time.


Compare these two approaches:

  • Approach 1
You don't like flying. You cannot bear the thought of it. But sometimes, you just have to take a flight.  You believe that if you just keep going on flights and not do anything else, eventually the fear will be broken. However, each time you fly, the fear gets worse.  So, in fact, using the rope analogy, you are adding another strand of mini rope to the already super strong rope.

Approach 2

Accept the fact that you have a fear of flying.  Give yourself permission to take your time to beat the fear. Do lots of tiny things every week towards beating the fear because  you know that, little by little, you will eventually break the fear.  Do not watch those programmes about air crashes or incidents as you know that these are the same as making the rope thicker and stronger.

Perhaps you can see what you do?  Please consider approach 2 when dealing with your fears....beating a fear is a process that takes a different amount of time for each person.

Take care, 
Paul & Richard
Virgin Atlantic's Flying Without Fear Programme