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Flying Without Fear July Blog

Hello and welcome to July flying without fear blog

It is this time of year that many people are heading off on well deserved holidays. It is also a time of great dread for many of them - judging by the emails that we receive.

As we have always said on our courses, not liking flying is okay.  But when the not liking turns into a fear that stops you doing things, then it is a problem.  Not being able to fly robs you of choices to travel how you choose.  Many people on the flying without fear team choose to not travel by flight often.  It is not because they secretly have a fear of flying, it is about convenience or choice.  For example, most Cabin Crew spend so much time in the air, that it is not unusual for them to want to holiday in their home country!  The difference is that they are choosing to fly or not fly for reasons other than fear.  

Travel gives you the opportunity to experience the new and to get deliberately uncomfortable.  To experience cultures that are different and provided we stay curious, give us a different way to look at the world. This is priceless.  We cannot encourage you enough to keep fighting the fear.  Do not let it make the choices for you.  You do not have to like flying to know it is safe.  It is just a mode of transport, a very safe mode but transport all the same.  Flying is just a means of getting from A - B.

Sometimes, we find the familiar amongst the unfamiliar... A picture taken by one of the team as they came through arrivals, Moscow Airport.

Take care,

The flying without fear team